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  1. Been gone a long time. Retired and moved. But at last this project is "done"
  2. Well I see it's been a year since my last post. There should be a thread for slowest build. Seemed like a good time for an update. Paint is done except for the hood and the glass is in. Might even drive it soon
  3. Never did like speakers in doors, hopefully this will be solid enough
  4. They did that for me so I would not mix them up, I have a bunch of parts from 240's and 280.s if you need something I'll try to help
  5. I was concerned about exhaust heat affecting my oil cooling and the messy oil changes. This is how I did a remote oil filter on a sb 350
  6. Sometimes I wonder why it takes me so long to do a car and then I spend two days making one hood latch. The good news is there is only one to go! Just roughed out for today, need to disassemble and paint etc.
  7. Not exactly ready for prime time, but at least it's off the floor! Starting to look like it might actually run!
  8. You really really don't want a single axle trailer, 1 flat and you're done. With dual wheels you can change a flat without a jack, just pull up onto a couple of 2X6's and the other wheel comes off the ground. I've trailered cars all over the East Coast and dual axle trailers are much better behaved, not to mention each wheel has a brake so unless you're towing with a dualie you won't get pushed around!
  9. I had the same problem. Check the angle of the mounting tab to the base. If its not 90 degrees then there was some warping during welding. Gabriel replaced mine no problem.
  10. I recently had my 240 shell done by a local "Green Earth" glass slurry. The results were fantastic! The cleanup was a real chore. It took me three days to get the glass out of the car. I don't mean the occasional wisp of powder I mean the five pound clumps. It was worth it, but it was a real chore, a lot of rotating on the rotisserie a lot of tapping, banging, vacuuming, and blowing. If I had done only the exterior the cleanup would have been a breeze. I did everything inside and out. Probably should have just POR 15'd the interior but I am just a little anal when it comes to rust. The job was done on a hot humid day and the skin did start to flash almost immediately. I spent two days with a DA smoothing the body and then shot on epoxy primer sealer inside and out. Painted the shell on my rotisserie which made good coverage a breeze. Plan on sanding the body the glass will leave a rough surface. The inside and the underside got a quick scuff and liberal scrub with wax and grease remover.
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