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  1. What's happening man ! Did you get rid of your car yet ? If not, I'd like to come see it, give me a call 909-266-7150.

  2. Nice it looks like your making pretty good progress, keep up the work and dont worry you'll eventually get out of what you put in
  3. Lol just sent ya a PM Nice the dash cap will make your car look much better instead, seeing all those nasty cracks or hairlines, haha ya cali traffic is pain in the ass didnt think on a Saturday it would be too bad, so who is doing the wielding u or your dad?
  4. Wow awesome find Daz thats awesome u live in victorville haha not that far from where i am, well good luck and show us some pictures
  5. Im searching for the stock 1972 front wheel hubs, if you have them please let me know, how much for both sides left and right side, and if u even got the rear let me know,so give me a price and the total shipped thank you very much.
  6. Very nice cjbrian beautiful motor u have their as well , im glade it keeps me motivated .
  7. Wow nice project keep up the work its keeping me inspired to finish my project as well, good luck with it and keep it updated
  8. Wow very nice work keep it up and keep us up with more updates, how long did it take u from stripping it to painting it tell how its recently?
  9. Very nice im interested in the exhaust manifold and im also really interested in the intake manifold how much would those 2 cost around? thanks.
  10. Hello i would like to buy a 280zx t5 borg warner transmission for my l28et since it did not come with one, Please let me know how much and as well shipping to 92376 thank you very much u can PM me or email me at Kai1800sx@yahoo.com
  11. Wow thats really nice dang i wish i was at that stage already, Glade u post the pictures.
  12. Wow this is pretty neat :D

  13. Nice work hope we can see some updates Im in the same process, Good luck.
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