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  1. I've always felt the 2+2 cars were the red headed step child of the Z world. This car should have been sold before it's expiration date, I'd say some time before 1984. Maybe he'll get lucky and someone is doing a remake of corvette summer and they're looking cars.
  2. looks like he welded on the shock tabs so he could add the bitchin air shocks to the car.
  3. After seeing the 240sx/mustang show I was left thinking at this point in the pinks game, everyone should know that if you don't show up with a car that is atleast reliable your going to look like a huge boob on national T.V. It was stated at the begining of the show that the guys with the mustang had been at the track for two days working on the car and trying to catch a race on the show. The other thing that gets me is all the untested cars or cars just finished the night before. You must get some notice before your called into race.
  4. I'd say you came out of that very well. I'm a fire fighter in a small town and the water alone just saturates everything, then you add on the smoke and heat and most people are left with very little to salvage even after a small fire in a single room. A while back we were called to assist at an apartment fire (our town is 99% single family homes). It was an eight unit building, two story with a large open stairway that ran up the middle. In a top floor apartment some knuckle head had setup a small growing opperation in a closet. The lights fell over or overheated (or something) and lit off the bedroom. 20 minutes later the apartment was gutted, the one next door was fully of smoke and very hot. The unit below was like a smokey wading pool.
  5. Now there is some dedication, cutting the roof of to get some quality welds.
  6. One thing that's nice about welding thick to thin is the ability to linger on the thick material dipping down (or up, sideways, etc) quickly onto the thinner material with a looping motion (or whatever pattern you prefer). I find it easier to control heat this way sometimes. You could also just spot stitch the parts together but I'd do this as the last resort. It's not the best weld.
  7. The 2004r is a fine trans when built correctly. It's also a nice trans choice for a Z car swap in that it's a smaller trans than the 700r4 (it fits better). The gear ratio spread is also better in my opinion, with a higher over drive ratio (.68-1 if I remember correctly) allowing for a steper rear end gear ratio (3:90 or 4:10) but reasonable engine RPM at freeway speeds. It's my intention to run one behind a 454 BBC in my Z.
  8. Base it all on weight of what your likely to tow. A tractor or small dozer on a 10,000 lbs cap trailer and you should look into a 3/4 or 1 ton. 2500lbs car on the avg car trailer and a light duty 1/2 or full size import truck is suitable.
  9. A full size 1/2 ton with a v6 will tow a Z well enough. MPG will be no where close to the Scion, but hey, it's a truck.
  10. I own a Henrob. It's a great setup. I mostly used it for fine cutting and welding thin steel sheet. I gave alum a try with it and never got the hang of it. I have a tig and mig machine that do most of the welding in the shop so the Henrob is not used much anymore. It does do really clean fine cuts on material, but I'm going to be ordering a plasma cutter soon, so that's one more thing the Henrob will not be doing much anymore. The O/A rig is mostly just used as a heat source in my shop.
  11. Another vote for the Remington 700. Even the entry level 700's have an action like butter.
  12. Now let be honest everyone. The second you viewed the side shots of the finished sculpture, you were wondering about the money shot. I'm just the only one that's willing to admit he spent some time searching for the pictures. Being the father of two, and having been forced to witness the train wreck.... er miracle of child birth. This is pretty tame.
  13. because I think it's important to look at every side of an issue, I offer this....... http://cache.gawker.com/images/2006/04/20060406britcrowning.jpg
  14. 1/4" is beyond your WP100's practical limit. The welds may look sounds but penetration well not be all that deep. Are these welds structural?
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