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  1. I have an E88 head, will take $40 + shipping. PM me
  2. http://forums.hybridz.org/topic/107434-rebuilt-l28et/ , open to offers. let me know
  3. Hi

    Do you have a picture of this rail ?

    If yes - and you are ok with selling to Norway - please email it to are.hjemme@gmail.com



  4. Read, read, read. Nothing is impossible but this looks like a LOT of work & money, and in my opinion you wouldn't want to drive a 1200hp car anywhere on the street. But don't let me rain on your parade; Here's a decent article about traction at the strip: http://www.hotrod.com/techarticles/traction_tips_street_strip_suspensions/
  5. I have one in great shape, $75 + shipping from 03051. PM me if interested, I can send you a picture.
  6. This is a turbo engine; Starting to consider ditching my turbo set-up for an mild NA build just to get it FINALLY running this year. Just wanted to see what comp ratio's i'd be looking at w/ flat tops vs dished. Also iirc, the head was shaved previously and .006 was the maximum they could go. Oy my memory is hazy (been 2 years since the machine shop), I'll have to measure the head height tonight I suppose.
  7. Anyone know what compression ratio this will yield: - l28 bored over .040 - dished pistons - P90 head shaved .006 - OEM head gasket In addition, anyone know what compression ratio flat-top pistons would yield? I know these would be just rough figures; I tried using a calculator but I was unsure of the new combustion chamber CC after being shaved down.
  8. Looking for a fully functional MS setup for an L28et. PM me details and your price. Thanks, Pat
  9. I have one in good condition. $100 + shipping from 03051 if you're interested- Pat
  10. I have one in excellent condition. PM me if you still need one-
  11. The crank is fine, mine was exactly the same with the holes.
  12. http://gallery.voodoo-people.com/album599/Picture_086 Anyone know brand/specs of these wheels? Cant find any info on hokes old wheel setup, but I'm loving the look of them w/o flares-
  13. I have an opportunity to buy 'turn 6 springs' for 240/260/280z (sorry for such a vague description, thats all i got!), front and rears for $50. I've been trying to find some information about them and cant seem to find anything online about them. Anyone heard of them or have any experience with them?
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