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  1. Do you have bigger pictures of this I want to run the Z32 rear calipers and I believe the handbrake function on them is hydraulic so I'm looking for ideas on a system, thanks
  2. Cool that works for me, thanks for the info. Sounds like I'll just be sticking with the factory parts and modifying those.
  3. From what I saw pictures only mind you no one explaining. Is that the S12 crossmember changes the position of the steering rack, allows you to use the forward positioned tension rods as opposed to the rear positioned as the are on the 240z already. And use the 240sx control arms and spindles. Like I said I only have pictures and no explanation as to why and the benefits withheld in such a decision.
  4. Thanks I'm keeping the L-series in the car but I wanted to improve the handling of the car if it helped upgrading to the s12 components I was going to look into sourcing the parts however if it isn't then I was going to leave it alone and work with the factory equipment.
  5. I have a 71 s30 and I was wondering what the benefits and drawback of installing the S12 cross member in the Z are. I know of one car that has the set up with an RB but I can't get the attention of the owner and I'm still running the L series. I saw the steering rack is changed to the back and the tension rods to the front but how does this change the response of the car and is it worth it? I plan on a lot of street driving, with moderate track/autocross. I've looked for write ups on this and have found nothing.
  6. Nice job with your Z, it reminds me of mine when I got it minus the excessive amount of bondo and rust I got lucky on that one. It's amazing what paint car do to a car.
  7. I'm pretty sure you have to run a 17 or more rim to fit the Wilwood brake package. I know not many z guys/girls want to increase the rim size that much. And on the plus side when you need to replace a damaged or wornout caliper you can pick up a reman from the parts shop for under $100.
  8. If you decide to switch the strut tubes and brake brackets it will swap fine, I did the testing myself however the problem I ran into is that the caliper hits on the steering components. So if you were to run it you would have to raise the caliper to clear everything. I wanted to try but haven't yet is getting the Arizona Z car steering knuckle which in theory would drop the rack angle and everything else to help clear. I'm only running the solid disc 4 runner caliper the Z32 caliper is bigger so it could be more of an issue.
  9. I'm going to be doing the swap myself and yes I agree very little info on the subject, even if it is something that has been done widely. I have a connection that is going to make me the bracket to change the position of the caliper so it clears and I was told I could use the Z33 caliper but I would need to drill it out for the four lug. I may work better for you since your doing the five lug in the first place. This is all just my two cents. As you do the work post pics it will help the rest of us. One more thing are you using the steel or aluminum caliper?
  10. Some of the things that you have to consider about the s13 and the s30 is the placement of the suspension and weight differences. While the s13 is a solid FR layout you are sitting much farther forward in the car and it weighs 300-400 more, the s30 your almost on top of the rear wheels. The s30 is considered a 50/50 car the way it sits stock adding the heavier rear sub will change this making the end much more prone to spinning IMO but I could be mistaken. I would be interesting to see how this causes the car to react.
  11. I'm curious about the S12 crossmember as well there a quite a few here in the socal junkyards. Benefits? Any Drawbacks?
  12. i upgrade the booster in my 240z to a 280z booster the first time i drove it i almost ate my steering wheel, its amazing stopping power now if there's an available upgrade for the 280z in my opinion it would be a good choice.
  13. rb26280z, im in garden grove as well and have some of the parts to do this as well the calipers at least i'd like to come by and see how your approaching this and your progress
  14. Here's mine Panasports 14x7 215-60-14 front 225-60-14 rear offset unknown
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