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  1. I love your car, nicely done. I see you have the T3 TC Rods, I've got those too, they're pretty awesome. I think I'm going to have to copy your Megan muffler set-up, it's perfect, angle and all.
  2. I also like the fact that the Megan/McKinney kit has preload adjustment so you don't loose travel by lowering the car. I am happy with my Megan/McKinney kit, just waiting for a resolution on the clearance issue. I haven't driven it very hard, but the little time that I've pushed it I've loved it.
  3. I think you're right. I actually found some plugs in my collection to adapt the body harness to the turn signals yesterday. I'm going to go that route. I don't need these anymore.
  4. Hello all, I need two 3-prong harness connectors to adapt the 240Z turn signal harness to the 280Z body harness. I am doing a 240Z turn signal conversion to my '77 280Z and already traded away my 280Z turn signals/harnesses. Thanks, Alex
  5. Thanks, I believe Arizona Z car, Techno Toy Tuning, and a couple others have camber plate setups. Mckinney made the rear coilovers to accept these camber plates instead of putting the stock top hats on the top of the rear coilovers. They use allen bolts to hold them in place on the slots of the camber plates which you can adjust. Here are some more pictures:
  6. Just got around to installing the rear coilovers. The camber plates are lined up how they fit on top of the strut towers. Does this look ok?
  7. Looks amazing! Love the color combo, lip, and fender mirrors. Mine should look similar in a bit, although in Bronze exterior/Royal Gunmetal combo also with the Type 1 lip. He's got the same as me; 15x8" +0.
  8. I Paypal'ed you just now for one with my address. Thanks again for doing this! Alex
  9. Thanks for the link, that's a cool story.
  10. I just visited the Pagani factory and they have a Zonda Tricolore with a blue tinted clear coat over the carbon body. Fantastic finish in person, I know it would look sweet if you did that with yours.
  11. Great, I didn't want to do the ARP install immediately so that's good news.
  12. Thanks man! I'm excited, I still have to install the rear coilovers, and get the tires mounted and I'll post pics. The pics I sent over were with the stock setup (ridiculous wheel gap with my current wheel/tire setup). How did the stock studs work out with these wheels? Is there decent engagement?
  13. Hey! Here are a few pics for you to check out:


    I'll shoot you a PM too.

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