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  1. i really need to know the size of the spacer i have S12W calipers & 300zx Rotors and Hubs i have emailed MMS more than 5 times but in vain please help me. Thanks in advance
  2. 280Z76LS2

    Front brake upgrade

    are they 4 lug or 5 lug ? can i use them on my 280z? do you have any pic ?
  3. 280Z76LS2

    78 280Z LS3 Project

    it is really nice project since i am doing same build as yours i would tell you go ahead and make it . my project is :LS3 416ci ,TH400, single Turbo,ladder bar setup with 8.8" diff i hope this help
  4. 280Z76LS2

    R230 W/ AXLES $200

    still have them ???
  5. 280Z76LS2

    74 260z part out

    waiting for you bro
  6. do you have bumpers front & rear ?
  7. 280Z76LS2

    74 260z part out

    pm sent
  8. let us know when ever you get any information
  9. so that means it is possible to convert the front to 5 lugs ? from where you get the kit and how much ?
  10. 280Z76LS2

    R230 and 1200+ horsepower

    why not get Ford 8.8" ?
  11. 280Z76LS2

    1st time @1/4th

    super strong man ,nice set up
  12. hi everyone i am tring to find some proper way to fit 5 lugs & slotted/Drilled rotors for the front 280z anyone have any part number or any inputs ? thanks
  13. nice but why not drilled !!
  14. 280Z76LS2

    Door weatherstripping 83 280 ZX

    i checked with all the mentioned stores but they do not have them
  15. 280Z76LS2

    Door weatherstripping 83 280 ZX

    no one knows !!!