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  1. Looks like a simple fix, on the fence as to whether I need a shortened throw like the MGW. Does that still work ok with the shifter boot?
  2. boyracer

    My Dat

    Pix of my 1972 240z
  3. Any pics? I have the stock T56 shifter and feel like I'm almost hitting the dash going into 3rd gear. Does it stand straight up or angled towards the rear?
  4. boyracer

    1988 CLSD. $950 OBO

    interested, PM sent
  5. boyracer

    EFI conversion

    I called them, they want $1495 for the tank, pump, sender, straps, vents, fittings, etc. Looks beautiful and when you considered that price is for everything, really not too bad for a nice custom job. They're very friendly too
  6. Any more pix of this piece?
  7. boyracer

    Broken JCI driveshaft?

    Good idea, I was just going to remove that piece! That sounds like what mine looks like. There is some kind of rubber-like material sandwiched between the two tubes, may be able to see in this pic.
  8. boyracer

    Broken JCI driveshaft?

    Thanks for the pics. I haven't run the new fuel lines yet and I may add a DS loop sometime in the future so I don't want to go too big.
  9. boyracer

    Broken JCI driveshaft?

    Spoke with John and am sending back the two-piece DS for a one-piece, no problem. I like dealing with vendors like that, wish more were like JCI. After checking, the 3.5" end would have greatly reduced any room for an exhaust and was concerned about strength if I put 400-450HP through it. Likely not going to be any more than that, so 2.5" should be ok from what I gather, especially if you are running that in your beast, Keith.
  10. boyracer

    Broken JCI driveshaft?

    Wow, there seem to be a number of variations on this product and I am starting to question what I got now. My JCI driveshaft is 3.5" on one end and 2.75" at the other. Haven't installed it yet so I don't know how it will perform but I also haven't seen anything like this one as it is two tubes, one inside the other. Did I get someone's leftovers?
  11. boyracer

    Rota RB/RB-R, 4x114.3, 17", Z-Offset Wheels

    I really like the white with gold rim combo, here's mine. I may get some wide gold stripes down the centre when I get it repainted white #904.
  12. boyracer

    Corbeau LG1 installation/fit

    Not sure but there is room for my hand to slide between the tunnel and the seat, albeit barely near the front of the seat.
  13. boyracer

    Corbeau LG1 installation/fit

    Got them from http://www.racingseatscheap.com/ for $986 w/brackets and free shipping. They are almost the same price anywhere and get drop shipped from Corbeau directly so the vendor really just processes the order. I ordered them on Tuesday, shipped on Wednesday and they arrived on Friday, was a real quick and easy experience. They look great in leather too from the pictures I have seen. What's wrong with yours? They look great!
  14. boyracer

    Seat swap list

    Just installed Corbeau LG1s in my '72 using the stock mounting points. Look and fit great, install details here: http://forums.hybrid...nstallationfit/