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  1. Hello Andy,

    Its been quite a spell. I hope your project Zed is all done....some never are,lol.

    Did you ever mount your bonnet badges ? Any pix ?

    Cheers, Vinny

  2. Hello Andy.....did you ever get your badges mounted ? Any pix ?


  3. Got the panels yesterday and I am DELIGHTED with them, they are really top quality... THANK YOU. I had an email from USPS on 18th December saying they had tried to deliver them in the UK but I had no card left, no letter, nothing. Contacted USPS who did not know which delivery company in the UK had them (DOH !) Lots of ringing round later I found them yesterday and went to fetch them. WELL WORTH IT .... roll on the centre console, heater control panel, door panels, tubes for inside the headlight scoops, etc etc etc . If you decide to do any of them put me in for the first lot Apart from the dim postal people it was effortless buying these from you, you kept me informed when you recieved the order, the money, when the shipment was due to go out, when it went, that is very very unusual in my experience. I would have no problem buying again on trust - your word is very obviously good enough !!!
  4. There is a peer to peer technology called VeohTV, free to download from the web (google it). Once installed on your pc, if you search for Wangan Midnight you get 10 episodes, 1 - 6 are subbed, 7 - 10 are not, all about 25 minutes long. The live action movie is also there but is not very good.
  5. When mine arrive in the UK Steve, if the guy helping me engineer my car likes them (he will, he has a SERIOUS carbon fibre fetish ... that is how fibre is spelt in ENGLISH) then he will order a set too, straightaway. The pictures look fantastic, top quality. Looking forward to getting them. One big thank you - your communication, sending an invoice, confirming funds have arrived, confirming the planned shipping date etc has been excellent. Makes it a pleasure buying stuff.
  6. ALL Kameari stuff is top notch - very good indeed - some of it is sub contracted though and actually made by other people.
  7. As a member of the UK Z Club, I spend my time posting on the UK forum but as my project is based around an LS2 / T56 combo I have received MASSIVE help over the last couple of years with input on threads from pretty much all of the "Old Gangstas" (that is soooooo American, not British at all ) who started this site for which I am very grateful. Some of you have been kind enough to give me help by PM on more specific topics. We have had similar experiences in the UK where some SERIOSULY clever, decent guys will not be part of the club because of unnecessary crap - we all lose out as a result. I never met or spoke to RacerX offline, never PM'd him but I did enjoy his posts and I learned from them ..... some people should be ashamed right now. It is obviously a mark of his character that he rose above "naming and shaming" the people concerned.
  8. Sorry for not replying for weeks This is the picture I have of the car Thomas Alsterfalk built - beautiful !! As Mull says, it has been resprayed yellow now
  9. Looks like a great fit Rob, having read the story and many like it, I am simply going for Dave Epstein's kit - am too dumb to take the hard route, his stuff fits and works so that is good enough for me Plus the fact he is a cool guy to buy from, always has time to help. Got his suspension kit the other day and was seriously impressed
  10. Hi John and thank you for going into such detail on this thread, it has been a valuable learning experience but I am still a little confused so maybe you can help me out a bit here .... My shell is done, fully dipped, bare metal, ground up rebuild. It has been stitch welded all over, seamed where appropriate, has had longer, thicker chassis rails and a half cage installed (rear hoop only). Whilst there is no science involved in the measurement, the engineer has guessed it has about 50% more torsional rigidity than standard. The LS2 / T56 drivetrain is sat here ready to trial fit, all of the finishing items are boxed new and are waiting to go on after paint BUT....... the next step is the suspension. I have two choices for dampers, one adequate, the other all singing all dancing custom units from Ohlins, either will do but obviously the Ohlins route is best. Brakes, no problem, will use wilwood. The challenge is the arms - My plan all along was to use Kameari adjustable units front and rear but you say that they are not necessary on a road car. If I knew how to put a picture into the thread I would post one - their stuff is exceptional. 95% of the car's time will be on the road, 5% will be on a track or drag strip so I do not want to compromise the road side too much. I am looking for a top "GT" car feel for most of the time (think Porsche, Aston Martin etc) but accept the limited ability of 35 year old suspension design to deliver this. The rest of the time I want to be able to dial in track or drag settings but then put it back to a fast road GT setup when I leave to go home. The Kameari adjustable setup will run to at least $2500 so I need to be sure it would be money well spent. In the setup I have described, with the requirements I have described, would I see much benefit other than bling from a really top notch adjustable control arm setup ????
  11. You guys make me smile ...... and jealous ...... in the UK fuel is about £1.05 PER LITRE not per gallon so about $8 or just over per gallon. Our tax system sucks big style - most of this cost is government tax.
  12. Dynamat is excellent, particularly the extreme stuff. Not the cheapest but it works very very well.
  13. ZHeadV8

    Top Gear?

    Did not think you guys would appreciate Jeremy Clarkson's "oh so sarcastic" dry humour. I love it. We have a cable channel here that seems to be 50% old Top Gear programs, funny to watch back and see reports of the blistering new xyz that is running a massive 200BHP etc. Some say he talks to dolphins, others say his heart beats with the precision of a Swiss watch. We know him only as "The Stig" In fact ..... The Stig is 4 different people.
  14. Everyone's mileage varies, however, I have not spent a single penny with John's Cars ..................YET ...........but I am going to. I have rung John twice now from the UK, sorting out what goes where, what I need to do with headers etc and I have to say the guy has been immensely helpful both in terms of selling his own products but also warning me about things to watch out for, gotchas, and PIA things that will waste my time and energy. I intend to buy the full kit, I only wish they took credit cards or payment by Paypal but that is not a criticism, merely a convenience thing for me.
  15. Fantastic looking car Darius - They look like standard YZ arches on the back, what did you use for the front wings and spoiler ?? Are they available off the shelf or are they one offs ? Andy F
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