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  1. That power is stay with a r200. Or if you’re doing suspension arms and stuff apex has domestic option. More gears available for r200 and domestic than the r230. And it’s lighter than the r230.
  2. Has anyone put ZG flares on the front fenders of the subtleZ kit? I’ve seen them on the rear but not the front.
  3. ehhh, good question. xenon maybe. Bought it like 17 years ago.
  4. wonder if i can drill my hats to accept this tone ring.
  5. The front and rear tone rings don't have to match do they? i have the 300zx rear so i just mounted Gt101s in there.
  6. why does my damn hub pattern have to be different, damnit.
  7. well i think i got my setup to work so maybe i can stick with it. I guess ill have to have a custom part made though.
  8. sweeeeet. I have the Apex setup but my brake rotors dont clear, probably gonna have to go to T3.
  9. I want to say the AZC push out 5/8 over stock. Might be worth just swapping over to t3 hubs.
  10. I thought the T3 hubs had less offset than the azc, but tyler said they will put the wheel in the same place. otherwise i could run more lip.
  11. He just emailed me and said that "The rotor to hub bolt pattern should be 5 X 3.88 inches" for the AZC big brakes.
  12. worse case i can pull mine off and measure it but was trying to avoid all that.
  13. ZT-R


    got the petal mounted yet?
  14. i have no idea, maybe AZC would answer that. Its 8 bolts and pretty far outward from center. i would expect it to be a off the self wildwood or brempo rotor.
  15. I have AZC 5 lugs and their "big brake" kit. would it fit? also how many teeth does the ring have? i dont have backing plate but mounting the sensor should defiantly be the easier part. Nice work man, i need to look into a printer myself.
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