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280zx turbo timing and other problems

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So long story short, ran into a bunch of problems that probably at this point now had nothing to do with the dizzy. Anyway computer went out and got another one, I had already gotten a reman dizzy. Finally got the car to start now I cant get the timing past 2deg of advance. I can retard it out the wazoo. But all the way turned for advance it will only go to 2deg. Does anyone had any similar problems? or ways to fix this. The dizzy pretty much cant go in upside down as the wires for the cas would be out wack.


The other thing I noticed today is that it seems the alternator might not be working correctly. However these dont have any thing in common correct?

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No I never touched the pump just changed out the dizzys, and the wires around the cap? I don't believe those can go together wrong.. I will check when I get home though..


This is really frustrating problem to have, I'm going to see if I can get my core back and see if I can get it tto work..

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EE Engine Electrical page 29.pdf


Here is the illustration from the '79 service manual showing the 2 adjustment slots. Look at item 16, fixing plate. You can loosen the screw that holds this plate to the distributor and turn it a bit.

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Edit - did some more reading and see that rotating the distributor is the proper way to set timing for the distributor mounted CAS. The FSM is pretty useless for any details of setting timing via adjusting the CAS, with the ECCS system.


Good luck.

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