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Help! 280zx turbo is sick


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This is my ECU. Sorry about the blurry pictures.



I just read thru most of your posts and I think it worth a try to look at the EGR valve. Do you still have the vacumm like connected to the EGR valve? Just disconnect it and test it out. The ECU connector would be the next guess on my list. GL

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Ok. I will try removing the line to the EGR and plug it so its not a leak. Go for a test drive, see what happens. I will report the results for you. Thanks for reading and giving a suggestion. I may not have mentioned that the car and engine is very clean and well taken car of. Right now I have to install the AFM that I had out for testing. That goes pretty quick. Can someone please post a pic or describe in detail how the AFM ground wire should be attached? I have one I made, just unsure where it goes.

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