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Spark plugs hitting headers

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Just swapped out my old 305 with a new 350. Problem is, the spark plugs are right up against my JTR headers and it's causing the plugs to heat up and arc. The car runs perfectly when cold, but once those plugs heat up, the engine takes a major hit in power. I have these insulator boots, but they don't seem to do that job.


How do you guys route your spark plug wires and how do you deal with heat coming from the headers?




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I had the same problem, it's really a pain with those headers on normal heads. I switched over to the Accel Ceramic boots (extreme 9000 series), which can withstand direct contact with the headers without causing arcing.


Even with those, a couple of the boots were very difficult to get on, but my problems went away. Worth the $100 or so bucks. They survived my engine initial startup and break in, where my headers were glowing a nice cherry red, so I think they will last a long time :)

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Does your new 350 have Vortec heads on it, I cant tell from the picture?

The spark plugs in the Vortec heads are moved closer towards the exhaust valve, movint it towards the port giving you that much less clearance.

Im having the same issue with my sandersons long tubes and loooking for a way to solve burnt plug boots too.

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Called up Summit to make sure that I'm buying the right plugs, and apparently the Accel Ceramic plugs wouldn't be right for me. They're all appropriate for HEI distributors and I have an old points style.


Huh? My kit came with both HEI and standard boots...Maybe you should give Accel a call. I did before I bought mine and they were pretty helpful.

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I used the aluminum 90 degree spark plug boots from a 95 LT1 Camaro or Firebird (F Body) and they work great and look great after a wire wheel polish. They fit over my Taylor 90 degree wires perfectly. I have the Sanderson Block headers.

I am not sure if the B Body LT1 motors use them.

Go to the junk yard and grab some, you may have to grab some from more than 1 car as they are not easy to reach.

Here is a set on Ebay for less that $20



Taylor has some metal jackets as well here:


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