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New Exhaust Fume Fix


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I searched but couldn't find this anywhere so thought I would pass it on.

I have been fighting exhaust in the cabin on my 240 but only when driving with a window down. It has been driving me crazy and from my searching, it is common and usually accepted as part of owning a Z.

I have an SR that is fuel injected and clean burning, getting over 30mpg.

The exhaust goes to the stock location.

The hatch seal is new.

The tail lights are sealed.

All holes are sealed.

It still smelled very badly with a window down UNTIL


I found the rear frame rail that runs side ways under the tail lights was not sealed underneath the car anymore. It is still sealed into the cabin from the top but after much checking I found that there is a hole on each end(rearmost part beside the tail lights and inside the side panels but all the way at the rear bottom)of the rail. You can not see it but you can feel it on both sides. I stuffed some plastic sheeting in both ends to seal it off. This is the same tube that the rear tie downs are bolted into. I blew air into one of the tie down holes and felt it come out the bottom of the car and out of both ends inside the car. That is what convinced me to close off the ends. It solved the exhaust smell completely.




Moderators, I did not know where to post this so feel free to move it or delete it if I am the only one that did not know this.

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Excellent find! I do not remember anyone reporting this so far.


I found these same holes/gaps when stripping the under belly of my 73 this winter. Looks like the seam sealer that was applied in this area ran a little short..... Both sides were remarkably similar in the way the adjacent sealer bead just stopped a bit short..... I took pictures, I'll have to post them.


I remember a thread a few years ago on CZCC about a frustrated guy that used a smoke machine on the outside and a sealed interior wiht a vacuum attached to watch where smoked flowed into the cabin. He mentioned the same "It was coming through the dang seams!!!" observation.

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It is an easy check. Pull a rear tie down bolt out and shoot in compressed air. If it hits your feet, there is a problem. The only question then is if the rail ends are open inside the car.


Glad this is a help.

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I picture or more would help to identify the area.


I'm not sure what you mean by "rear tie downs," so I'm not sure I understand where to look.


Funny how "there's nothing new in the world of Z-cars", and yet, here is something new. ;)

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There are either bolts, bolt holes or tie downs at the back of the floor, right up against the tail light cover. If there are holes, plug them to stop another leak. There are 2 bolts on each side of center about a foot out.

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