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Full frame 240z

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Took some time off work and really buckled down to get some work done on the z.

Finished all the fab work on the engine bay, full welded everything and did most of the finish grinding.

I had a chance to flip the car and finish all the welding on the undercarriage, also did some final patch work on the rocker panels.

The roll cage is complete aside from some small welding still left to do.

The 347 is now built and mounted in the car to mach up the motor mounts.

Everything is starting to come together quite nicely, still a bit more fab work, then comes the fun part of sanding for countless hours.












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Im sure youve thought of this already, but im curious- What size tires will you be running up front?  It looks like there wont be much turning-room with that set up.  Very interesting and incredible fab work.  Also curious- Why a mustang set up for the front/rear?  How much power do you "intend" to hit?  Is this a mostly "because i can" type of build, or is there more to it? 

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i am using 275/60/15 in the front, there is a good bit of room with the proper backspacing.

Im using the mustang  ifs, and diff because there cheap and good components 

I have been estimated with my current setup to be right around 500hp, after all this is complete i plan on boosting it but that is a while off.

I wanted to build something different than everyone else, i also built it as sort of a rolling resume as i would like to get into custom builds or a speed shops

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Its been a while but i have some updates on the build.

Engine is now running, broke it in last week, Holley 800 double pumper, 2.5" exhaust x pipe to two glass pack mufflers. its is quite loud but sounds good. 

radiator is for a 95 mustang, mounted at an agle to fit, hose roughting was a bit tricky, had to use some stainless steel pipe with 90 degree bends to rought houses.

Engine has march pulley setup, had some trouble with the waterpump pulley because i have the new stylle timing cover and water pump, ended up having to make a custom spacer.

Made some custom fender flairs extends the wheel tub around 3".








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Dan, I don't mind sharing any measurments.

I am actually changing plans on this build and will be going full tube frame similar to pro stock car. Building a larger engine now so I will be doing away with a lot of the parts I have on it.

I will be cutting out the floor frame and all, I don't know if any one would be interested in buying it??

It would essentially be a rolling frame

Mustang 2 ifs and Ford 8.8 with 4 link and afco shocks.

It would be sweet to see some use what I have built.

If not it will be parted out and frame will go to scrap.

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