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  1. kidistight

    Change Username

    Can one of the admins change my username from kidistight to TitanG545
  2. Any idea what wheel size and offset in these pictures?
  3. Well put them on, I want to see how they look.
  4. kidistight

    And Another One!!!

    The ideal goal of the car is somewhere in the 450 - 500HP range. Obviously a new paint job and a few carbon pieces sprinkled here and their. I never knew their was so much research and information to compare and decide on when aiming for that horsepower range. As I get more pictures I will be sure to come back and update you guys on this build because it will be a real mother I'm sure.
  5. kidistight

    And Another One!!!

    The guy selling the car had parts on top of parts that he was selling, extra parts for a 280, brand new intact dash for the 240. Radiator, FMIC for the RB, 2 transmissions, cherry picker, front and rear glass for a 280 and 240. I took it ALL and anything else not nailed down. We went up on a Saturday and came back that same Saturday, to say the drive home was a struggle, is an understatement. We hit snow in Ohio, insane strong winds, sleet, you name it I think we saw it. Finally got her home and parked in the garage I coordinated with the shop doing the work, and the engine work and rented a trailer again. I had a few hiccups when trying to get the car on the trailer by myself. Eventually my brother showed up and gave me a helping hand it was off to the shop the day before Thanksgiving.
  6. Hey guys was skeptical in creating a build thread but after seeing such amazing transformations I just couldn't pass it up. Let me step back for a minute and explain how we got to this part. Rewind back to 2014, finally took ownership of a brand new 2014 Audi S5 Everything was great, fast forward 7 months and 4 days two kids street racing late at night, totaled my car and the lady next to me. Didn't want people to think I was the reckless one street racing. Being as how we were expecting our first daughter, I couldn't exactly go back to a coupe now could I. So my days of owning a nice coupe were over and I got a Tundra. Fast forward a few months later after my daughter was born, wouldn't you know we are expecting our second daughter. Dad's days of getting a nice new fast coupe are just getting further and further away. Then something incredible happens, my wife says whatever happened with that car you and my dad were looking at? Oh I just gave up on it, she says why you should get it if you want it. WHAT??? Married guys know wives don't give you the go ahead to go buy a car you want often, you better strike fast. So I immediately began looking for a Datsun 240z, every dark alley I found one the got bought just as fast. Finally I found this horrible lime green 240 all the way up in Madisson, Wisconsin. I am in Northern VA, just outside of DC. I called various transport companies and they wanted an arm and a leg since it is inoperable. I guess that means road trip, a good friend of mine hop in the Tundra and take a trailer up to Madison to go take a look at it. I was so excited I drove the 13.5 hours straight stopping only for food and gas. When we got there it wasn't nearly as bad as I had thought it would be for a northern vehicle. Rust, however no major rust spots where you could see through the vehicle. The reason I drove up to WI without any hesitation, RB25DET already in the vehicle The interior is alright, but I already had plans to redo it with a custom interior so I wasn't to worried about it. I just preferred everything to be around. The car was completely in pieces once I arrived so it really gave my friend a body shop guy an idea of how bad it is.
  7. kidistight

    '72 240z RB25DE ITB

    I saw the first post you made down in what looked to be the SPAWAR parking lot and had to follow this thread. I was born in San Diego so I couldn't pass up following this thread. I anxiously look forward to see what you have next planned.
  8. Your build is not my style in the sense you are going so JDM. However the work you are doing and the attention to detail can not be overlooked. Great job. I almost don't want to start my build thread because of the rust I will find.
  9. kidistight

    Full frame 240z

    I really like those side mirrors, where did you get them?
  10. That sounds like a good, how about I give you the finger and you give me my one phone call. j/K Watching a little to much Matrix. That is a GREAT deal for what I am seeing them priced at new, let me know if that deal falls in your lap again. LOL
  11. Ok, cool that puts me at ease, I would much rather pay more money for a newer item that I know is high quality than risk it on one that has been used quite a bit. I would probably check the reviews on the tires as well as look for the best quality, same for brakes. If Brembo is the best quality then I will wait a little longer to get them, just as an example. The value of me and the wife's life is worth much more than the extra nickle in my pocket, or else they might only find that nickle after the accident.
  12. kidistight

    cost for an LSx 240Z swap

    Maybe my question was poorly worded, the 14K that you spent so far on your car does the include the money you put down to buy the engine. Or does that raise your total cost up to 18, 500.
  13. I know I am replying to an old topic, but in light of this thread does anyone know the widest tires we can get on our cars. I plan on taking my wife out in my Z and I would hate for something like this to happen when I am hoving around 65 - 70 mph.
  14. Can I ask you what made you go with the LS3 over say the LS1?