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240Z runs for the 1st time in 30 yrs

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My son and I finally got his 73 240 started after sitting for 30+ years!

I drove this car to my High School prom in 1980. It belonged to my older brother. He gave it to my son this summer.

My son let me drive it around the block today. I was smilling from ear to ear.

There is still a lot of work to get it back to good shape but at least it is moving again under it's own power.

I have a 71 240 that has a 280ZX turbo engine waiting for me to get the body restored. This helps get me motivated.

Take Care


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Here I am!


post-29783-045135700 1345752237_thumb.jpg

post-29783-027940500 1345752316_thumb.jpg


Here are a couple body shots. As you can see, it is not the prettiest car.


post-29783-042662100 1345752474_thumb.jpg


Here was the first problem we ran into. We had to replace the whole crankshaft.


post-29783-065737800 1345752562_thumb.jpg


A bent valve. Luckily there was minimal damage to the piston.


post-29783-018425900 1345752637_thumb.jpg


We were also pretty lucky in the spare parts department!



And here is the video of one of the first real startups! The louder popping/clicking noise is an exhaust port which we later plugged up (stupid '73 emissions!)

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My son is wanting to keep the body and interior as close to original as possible. That includes going back to the original lime green/yellow color.

The funny thing, as I am working on the engine and other things he is sitting in it. He was just like a kid in a candy store. He had to try every switch nob and dial. He then reaches over and hits the radio button and it comes on with music playing! Now understand the car is 200 miles from it original resting place and the radio is tuned to a local station! What is even better, when we remove the rear interior panel the paper speaker cone is completely gone (turned into a mouse nest). The only thing left was the coil with the diaphragm atached.

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Brought back from the dead.

3 year update:


Despite all the frustrations it causes me, I still have the Z!


It sat at my dad's house in Wyoming for two years while we figured out electrical problems. I live 8 hours away so I could only work on the car 4-ish times a year during that time. After some frustrations, we were able to get the headlights and turn signals working (cleaning the fusebox really helped).

With that all taken care of, in May 2014, we drove it from NE Wyoming to Salt Lake in one go (he followed in a separate car with tow ropes).

Except for a patch of snow on the road (that I hit at ~50 mph but managed to keep control) the drive went without hiccups.


In the last year I have fitted it with a new antenna and speaker, and tuned up the carbs a bit but not a whole lot else.

Back last November, the clutch started leaking so I replaced the slave cylinder and hose. I still had leaks and ended up getting yet another slave, a new hose, and a master cylinder. Leak free now.

I also had a brake leak at the stopper screw in the master cylinder, so I replaced the washer (caused me problems for a few months).


And a few days ago this happened:


Radiator spilled it guts everywhere.

I replaced the hoses, thermostat, and cap. While I was doing that, I removed the inline coolant heater.


I have a rear transmission seal slowly leaking as well as a small oil pan leak. Those will probably be next on my to-do list.

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