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I have a 75 280z that Im going to be lowering. I just ordered the Tokico HZ3099's for the front end, and Im about to order the GC Coilovers. Last Christmas my wife bought me the KYB gas struts off of MSA for the front end, and my question is, can I go ahead and use those on the rear instead of having to buy the Tokico HZ3012's? I know everyone prefers the Tokico brand over KYB, but Im not concerned about handling, etc. This car will never see any type of track, just want the car low. Thanks guys.



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You should be fine to run your KYB front struts in the sectioned rear housings. Remove the same amount from the rears that you take from the fronts and use a spacer under the rear strut to get proper gland nut engagement.


Be sure you aren't running too much spring for those KYB struts. The tokico blues should be able to easily take what the 280z lowering springs are rated at (185lbs/in up front and 200 lbs/in in the rear). I'm not sure what the KYBs can handle with reliability.

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Are all bump stops the same? I just got my Tokico BZs and before assembling my new coilovers I guess I need the right diameter bump stops.



Say, I just acquired a spare set of 240 struts and they have really wierd "bilsteinn" struts in them with giant pistons.

Different gland nuts too. I was literally going to throw them away (like the previous sets of KYBs...) but the look kinda interesting.





post-1894-015453000 1351568193_thumb.jpg





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You most likely have Bilstein P30-0032s which are far better then the Tokico and KYB shocks. You'll be much better off sending those shocks to Bilstein and getting them checked. The reason they look "funny" is that they are an inverted shock design and you're actually seeing the side of the shock body and confusing it with the shock shaft, which is at the bottom of the unit inside the tube.

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