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red rocket 280zx build

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first off the car had no brakes when i received it prev owner said it needed brakes little did i know they were no longer working. THANKS ALOT! so she got 4 new rotors 4 new calipers, pads, power booster and master cyl. now she will stop very well. anyway i ran 10psi with no intercooler and a bosch bov stock injectors for many months on a fairly good tune average mpg was 27 or so and power was good. it was not long before good was not good enough and project red rocket began. starting with all poly bushings and tokico suspension.

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but before we get to all the good stuff first was rust repair where t tops were leaking and i had rust holes completely thru my floor pans and seat mounts. when i drove in the rain my ass got wet from the tire slinging water at my seat lmao. all the carpet and sound dead material was remover because it smelled mildewed on hot days. look at jake under the car haha haaaa.

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well after sorting out suspension and rust AND BRAKES the hunger for more power was getting stronger. the p90a head had 2 lifters not pumping up and making clickity clackity noise that i could hear through the firewall. so off came the lifters in favor of solids and a F cam from a maxima l24. some how in the cam swap while i levered off rockers i bent a valve (shown by compression check) and the car ran on three cylinders when reassembled. but it was running on 1-5-6 not possible you say? i bed to differ! turns out ANTS got into my fuel rail while the intake was sitting in the yard for 1 1/2 hours. after getting very angry knowing it was assembled correctly jake later took my shinny new flow matched and blueprinted 450cc dsm injectors out and back washed them to find 2-3-4 full of ants..... it ran fine after the ant removal. then we get to the bent valve problem. we tried to order a set of si valves and they only had the intakes. being the valve i bent was a exhaust this did not help right. scott at pro machine in bowling green ky was kind enough to cut us a set to fit out of stellite blanks for some sort of nascar engine. anyway after reassembly of the engine and all was good and compression check up on all cylinders jake drove it down the street after lash was set and it threw off the no.6 rocker my exhaust valve stuck open!!! so off came the head one more time this time jake cleaned up the ports lightly and the head went to scott at pro machine for a full valve job.

post-18952-005773000 1345601689_thumb.jpg

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Just for the record alot of the stuff i will be posting did not happen in the order i post them. the head was actually the last thing we did. we being me and jake or as you know him Xnke. any way i wanted more power so i ordered a bov,intercooler and piping with silicone couplers from frozenboost.com which is fantastic by the way. the intercooler is beautiful and the tanks very heavy cast this thing is made for boost LOTS OF IT. we used 2 1/4'' piping which was very easy to weld with a simple wipe down with acetone. frozen boost are the most professional people i have ever ordered from period. i ordered 2'' piping and it was out of stock but because it did not say so on the site they contacted me and offered me the 2 1/4'' at the same price and give me 15% off my entire order and express shipped it for no shipping charge. just really good people to order from and there products are tops. i told them i was going to post before and after intake temps to see if there 189.99 intercooler was any good or just a big piece of aluminum.

they said let them know if there is anything they could improve. by the way my intake temps via megasquirt with a gm sensor was 225 deg at 10 psi on a 90 deg day. with the intercooler at 14 psi on a 90 deg day my temps are 115-125!!!

thanks again to frozen boost and jake for tig welding the whole thing up...

post-18952-046474600 1345603899_thumb.jpg

post-18952-038152200 1345604091_thumb.jpg

post-18952-021038500 1345604225_thumb.jpg

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im also running a maxima ka 65mm throttle body port matched to my intake and all my egr stuff has been cut off and welded shut. my cable throttle was a quick fix that never got removed because it worked so damn well. its a schwinn brake cable jake got at wal mart because when we done the ms1 swap the tb spacer jake made was not quiet thick enough

so we went to cable but it was 4am in the morning nothing was open but wal mart and well it works. the plug wires are accel sb chevy cut to fit. and i ended up getting gas on the valve cover so the black paint is no more. i scrubbed it down in aircraft stripper looks better silver anyways right?

post-18952-081616700 1345605720_thumb.jpg

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well as soon as the boost went up to 14 psi and jake fixed my launch control my clutch started slipping so as always im broke so here is my fix. it was cheap from ebay and this puppy works good pedal pressure is up about 20% or so but the grip is nothing short of amazing. when the disc is cold it acts stock but when it gets hot it gets harder to engage softly the disc gets thicker from thermal expansion and you will have less and less pedal to modulate the actuation. but it IS VERY STREET DRIVABLE. when using the t5 trans always buy a shifter with bump stops so you dont destroy your syncros like i did ha ha lesson learned. i got this one from summit racing for a early mustang 40% throw reduction sweet short shifts.

post-18952-079165300 1345608255_thumb.jpg

post-18952-084783100 1345608361_thumb.jpg

post-18952-023958500 1345608497_thumb.jpg

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Damn, looks like your're not messing around. Sounds and looks good so far!


Luckily someone had told me about the bump stops when I bought my B&M or I would have done the same thing you did. It's amazing what a new shifter can do for an old T5 right?!


man thats the truth my summit shifter is light years better feeling and having the piece of mind i can bang gears is nice because i shift hard to second and third. the throw reduction didnt hurt my feelings either although the stock throw was not bad. i toped mine off with a hurst ball and black leather boot with double red stitch i think it looks good.

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Okay fellow hybrid z members im Going to be the necromancer today and bring this thread back from the DEAD!!!  This project has exceeded my expectations and just keeps on going. Well in 2013 or so i upgraded to a turbonetics to4e 50 trim compressor and a stage 3 turbine wheel with the stock turbine housing bored out to fit. Then made a full 2.5'' down pipe and exhaust and proceeded to run the boost up to 16 psi and the car returned a low 13 sec quarter mile time at 107 mph. I thought it would do mid twelves if i had any traction in the first two gears but we will see. Anyways I am in the process of spending more cash as always and i just got in a new obx lsd a xenon front airdam and a one piece spoiler that is very similar to the victory one from msa but fits the zx. Also my brakes have always sucked so i got ss brake line kit from The Z store and some ceramic pads. 3 gallons of plastidip red and the gun to spray it. I also added some xxr 15x8 wheels.  All you zx guys out there listen up This goes out to you!!! My t5 trans is coming out and a fs5r30a z32 box is going in with a hoke adapter that i scored from a member here. I have the machine work done and will post pics i have the driveshaft ends With part #'s and am going to give the driveshaft lenght as soon as i mount it to check length.  I ask if anyone had this info months ago and came up dry well they can all kiss it because im going to spill the beans!!! Stay tuned guy and gals its going to be a fun few months.

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Well after fixing rust caused by neglect and bad weather i done some body work. Try not to give me a hard time i have never done body work in my life so i did what i could and it turned out good enough for a old race car.Tell me what you guys think!!



This zx had some fender and headlight bucket damage when i hit a drunk guy on a bicycle that ran out into traffic and i was the lucky one to lend a fender to slow him down. This guy gets hit at 45 mph and gets up and runs off and a second biker following him stopped to tell me he is drunk and not to call the cops!! I called the cops and it was filled as a hit and run on his part because i had witnesses and 225 kumho witness marks one the road from me mashing the brakes. The fantastic city police never found him so i got to eat the damage. 



My front fender had some body filler in it when i purchased it but was never apparent till i hit the cyclist haha. I had to cut all the old filler out and pushed out most of the dents and reasons they used filled to begin with and plastidipped the whole car red and the trim back to black. hows it look guys.  


And yes i picked all the red off the tires already.

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