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Ford 8.8 IRS Conversion


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Starting to look more like a car again. I have both sides installed, and axles / driveshaft are ready to be measured. Waiting on the brakes to arrive this week, and i'll be able to actually get something done!




can't see a lot, but there it is.


Shameless plug for T3. Their pieces are very nice, and go together marvelously!

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Measured for axles and driveshaft today.


From the diff to the wheel bearing face is 18 7/8" and 18 1/2" at ride height.


Our initial diff placement measurements weren't perfect (tape measure with the diff on a jack) lol. So its offset to the passenger's side by 3/16". Not bad though.

The driveshaft measurement: From pinon flange to the tip of the tail shaft on the trans is 29.5"
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With the ford 8.8 and custom uprights you could use modern 5 lug sealed bearing hubs and all ford cv joints.A company like Mosier can make custom length axles to go between the cv's.This would eliminate all old nissan parts.A trick upright could be designed to use a ford explorer or cobra mustang sealed bearing hub assembly and have mounting ears for Willwood or some kind of aftermarket brake caliper.The sealed bearing assemblies mount to a flat surface with 3 or 4 big bolts.


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There's always a better mouse trap, isnt there?


Moser is just as expensive to have make axles as is the driveshaft shop. Only, Moser doesn't put things like this together. There are plenty of brake options for the backing plates. OEM and aftermarket.......

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Rear brakes showed up today. 


Going with the Z32 rear brakes - MUCH larger than the 240sx stuff that was on there.


I disassembled it all and left all the springs and other rusty bits to soak in Evaporust - stuff is amazing.



I might also add that the DSS will be starting on my axles and driveshaft this week. After the incredible service that they've given me, I'd have a hard time going anywhere else.

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I wonder how much difference there is between the Z32 brakes and the Maxima brakes?  I'm pretty disappointed with my Maxima setup.  The E-brake works, but nothing else does.....I wonder if my brackets and rotors could be used with just changing the calipers.  Perhaps I can trouble you for some measurements when you have the parts in-hand?  Congrats on selling your stub axles.

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Busy at work + coooooold temps have kept me out of the garage lately.


I did pull the parts out of the evaporust tonight though. (after i brought it inside to thaw)... its water based....


Signs you're single / signs "f*** it, its a rental"


Brake parts on the kitchen counter




a random rusty wrench i tossed on top just to show how well this stuff works.





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Why are you such a whiner? It has been too cold to work here too. Got down into the forties-I was freezing! I couldn't stand it. Get to work or I'm gonna be dropping time slips all over your ask this summer!



It was 1 degree outside when I woke up this morning Keith. A DEGREE.

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I wish you guys lived right next door -think of the hell we would raise! Off topic, but I just saw a patient who is a retired welder and has a tig welder at home and a big shop. I'm trying to take car down to his place this weekend and get this exhaust finished up. My current process of running pieces back and forth to a welder is taking forever and I'm creating a big pile of expensive scrap metal. Fortunately I did a good job on his eyes so he should be able to see what he's doing just fine.

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So I have the axles and driveshaft ordered.  However, the DSS is currently moving locations, and I'm not sure how long it will be until my stuff is done.... :(


I worked on the brakes a little tonight. 


Since I WILL be utilizing the E brake function from the Z32 rears, I need to be able to mount the backing plates (dust shields) as they have some bracketry required for e brake function.


They were kinda bent here and there, and the caliper was not clocked in the right position for what the T3 backing plates allowed, so I took the liberty of downsizing them.


Drilled out the 8 spot welds on each one




They also appear to need to be on the opposite sides of where they came from.....


Next, I took the Z32 5 lug hubs, and dis-assembled them, so i can run the 4 lug hubs from the 240sx 


( I needed to do this to use the E-Brake, as there is an alignment hole in them.)


To do this, position them in the vice as shown below, and get your BFH.  I happened to have a tool from another project that worked out quite nicely for this. Its a piece of aluminum stock, but it was the perfect size. Pound these bad boys out, being careful not to damage the studs (if you care)




This is the product once disassembled.




Do the same for the 4 lug hubs, then to re-install, just put them on top of the vice studs down, and gently tap the bearings back on.


Didn't take a pic of this, but i'm sure you can use your imagination.





Basically all thats left is to install the backing plates, bearings, and put the e-brake assemblies back together.

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Making good progress! I keep changing mine around so I am not getting to far..
What guts are you using in your 8.8 I forget. Do you have a picture of the suspension at ride height with dummy axles in? I was curious to what your axle angle is when its on the ground. Mine was angled up from the diff to the hub so I am moving the diff up so its about a 1/2" from the trunk floor.

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