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Tips for a z v8 build

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Hi guys,


I have a 327 motor available and needed something to put it in. I have always wanted a Z so I figured that would be a fun and relatively cheap base car for the motor.


I am curious about a few things


Is there a "best" year 240 to start with? Right now I have my eye on what appears to be a clean body 73 240z for 1200 bucks. It has a rebuilt motor that needs a few odds and ends, how much could I sell the motor and tranny for?

As far as v8 conversion goes what all is necessary? I know there are kits for the motor mounts, how many different sources are there for the conversion? I may just build my own mounts. undecided there yet.

What transmissions do most people use with their SBC swaps? Does the transmission bolt in or is modification necessary? I am interested in pulling a t-56 out of a camaro if that would fit with not to much trouble.

Does the 300zx lsd bolt right up? what differential is recommended?


All I can think of at the moment. sure I will have more questions pop into my head.


Please excuse my general lack of Z knowledge. only ever admired them from a far.

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Welcome to the board atomic! Any year Z is a good start. There is also lots of info on the chassis differences in the faq section. Just depends on overall goals for the car. Best of luck and kepp everyone in the loop with lost of photos. I didn't take as many as I should have and regret it.

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I am running a hurrcaine manifold with jtr mounts I have about 2 1/4 in clearence from the carb till the hood, I had a lot of trouble finding an air cleaner, I am running an 1406 carb with an drop base trick flow air cleaner pn xyz-3003, I had to heat up the base to make clearence for the electric choke. saying its a tight fit is an under statement. you should have no problem with thoses intakes.

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