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bad dog framerail fitment issue


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I installed a set on my 260Z(240Z style). I used full length rails though.

I was glad to have the excess metal. You will need to trim it. Its better to have more than be short! With all the variations in these S30's there isnt a way to make a set of frame rails that fit all 280Z style or all 240Z style rails. More than half of these cars have been jacked improperly underneath or what-not causing stretching or warping of the metal.


I had not problems dealing with Bad Dog. I bought one of his first runs at the full length rails. I received a miss-cut rear rail on one side(So it was obvious between both sides) and he was wanting to replace it, but I declined. I just wanted to make him aware of the issue in case it was possibly an issue for any of his other customers so it could be addressed.


If you think the rear of the rail should go farther give him and email or call and see what he says about your concerns. Those fronts look right though for what he supplies.


Hope that helps

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The fitment was similar on mine.  You will just need to cut/bend and modify them.  At the rear, I re-cut the corners further forward and then bent the center down to get a tighter fit.  In the front, It was really just a matter of "persuasion" to get a relatively tight fit.  Honestly I never even thought twice about it because weld in parts will rarely have a tight fit all the way around.  Just got a Tabco rear quarter patch panel and its the same story.


Oh and on the passenger side I replaced the rail itself with a Zedd Findings rail.  The front fit better on the passenger side, I don't really remember the back.  It's definitely not worth cutting the rail out unless you have to.  Just modify and be done with it.

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The only time I remove the rails is when the rails are rusted through in spots or its obvious that the rails are rusting from the inside out! I remove them to clean and install a new rail under the floors while treating what I can before hand. Most of the time I am doing something like this though its because Im re-enforcing the car not replacing rails.

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