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  1. Not all 2+2s had longer rails but rather different floor contours
  2. If you have the room I would get a second block and use it for your future track motor build while using the one you currently have in the car. A good tune-up and a few inexpensive mods should give you enough to both enjoy the car and add other non-engine mods to the car as you want. A second engine would extend the life of the track motor depending how much you get into the build (mild, mid and full race}. The closer ot gets to a track only build the shorter the life cycle (rockers, springs, bearings)
  3. Jon Mortensen - do you get the same reaction (spinning the inside tire) on both tracks and autocross courses? I haven't autocrossed in years so all I have now is track experiences using a Quaife and I have not had the inner tire spin early. Perhaps this is a sharp, tight, high torque corner issue normally not found on a race track. Just wondering,,,
  4. PM me and I'll give you my cell number. You might want to consider vintage racing as opposed to SCCA racing.
  5. Aydin71 - I fully understand that you have certain regulations and rules limiting what you can and can't do. I should be very upfront and admit I'm a Quaife or OS Giken fan even though I have run an '89 LSD unit for years. The late John Coffey got me into OS Giken after testing a unit giving him a full second over the Quaife and 2.5 over the LSD unit. Quaife is good for life even if you race it. I'm on the east coast so shipping would be expensive but I would look for someone selling a Datsun R180 in the right ratio for you (3:90/4:11/4:38?) and then install a Quaife or OS Giken. You c
  6. A couple of things based on 17 years and over 225+ track days with a 240 race car: Stock diff mount welded with two steel bars (17 years and no issues) Engine HP ranged from 150 to 350+ @rw Ran stock half shafts for 15 years with no issues Used any number of R180 diffs (3:90 Quaife/4:11 Quaife/4:38 OS Giken) Ran a 4:44 R190 LSD (stump puller) Swapped in an R200 3:90 w/Quaife using 300ZXT CVs w/Modern Motorsports stub axles The swap to the R200 was in response to toasting two R180s due to the 250rwhp/250#storque/10 inch wide rear R7 Hoosiers. One w
  7. Been there. My son never slept for the first three years. I offered him the keys to my Z with a full tank of gas saying this was a one time offer. He never responded in any verbal manner.
  8. When did Mikunis have 45mm carbs?
  9. Here's the RCA from the ITS car. There are three holes (one is under the stub axle. I believe one hole was used to funnel air into the back of the backing plate.
  10. At least a year or so ago Carbotech will put any of their compounds on a set of shoes. I purchased Rockauto shoes and removed the material before sending them to in. As to keeping them cool I will take a picture of what an EP/ITS backing plate looks like after having a several holes cut to allow heat to dissipate. I ran steel drums due the amount of heat generated, I think with the holes cut I could have used aluminum drums instead.
  11. Still interested? I have one. PM me
  12. I could find no mention of a brake booster in your set-up and was wondering if you are designing one in or will you go with a pedal assembly, bias bar and dual MCs? Without the booster I needed to relearn how to brake using my whole leg (slightly off the floor) and not rotating from my ankle to apply pressure on the pedal. After 4 hours on the track I woke up with a leg cramp and until I remembered the new set-up was at a lose for why my leg hurt so much.
  13. Not sure how much effect you would get from just moving a battery a few inches lower on braking or handling.
  14. Should you wish to get the 280 then the zcardepot 240 rails won't fit your Z. The floors on a 280 are contoured not flat so a frame rail must be cut to match those contours. The ones sold by Zeddfindings are made to fit the floors they make which are also flat. Bad Dog Parts makes contoured rails specifically for 280s.
  15. Cut holes through the engine bay rails, weld in a length of tubing and run a solid bar thru like they did in back in the day. The diameter of the bar and the length away from the bar to the attachment point would give you a wide range of adjustment while cleaning up the clutter.
  16. ....or figure out where the BDP rail stops matching up with the floor contour and take measurements of the width, height and length so a replacement section can be made... Figuring why there are 280Z coupes out there with 2+2 passenger side longer rail would be nice too.
  17. The first three and 4-5-6 each connect to a 3 to 1 collector with each having their own exhaust pipe. This was built back in the day by the guys at BSR and it required some changes to the motor and diff mounts to clear the steering coupler,
  18. XP20 Carbotech compound placed on the stock backing plates. Make sure to use that thin metal shim on the back of the pad since it acts as a heat shield. Better yet get some thin titanium and make shields from that. Cutting it will be interesting but doable. Speed kills - pads, shoes, rotors and drums. If you use race shoes remember they generate more heat and that can warp those aluminum drums. Add fans to the front brake duct to get more air circulating into the rotor and direct some at the caliper. I'm not judging, but get track data to verify just how often and how
  19. I can only tell you about my experiences with notched heats and triples carbs. I don't use a gasket and haven't for the past 10 years on both my street 240 and my race 240. Red RTV for the exhaust and Hondabond for the intake. The race engine comes apart each winter.
  20. Loose gland for sure. Had the same thing happen on my 240 race car. It could have ended badly. It came loose once more and then I put in a new nut. When I have the car apart this winter I will get a tab welded on the tube so I can wire tie the gland nut to the strut.
  21. If I remember correctly John mentioned struts for the Beijing to Paris 240Z were from either a Camaro or a Corvair using 600lb springs (??). I too had many long distance conversations with him and now wish I had transcripts to rely on.
  22. Not too sure that that car ever ran with a BSR valve cover. Save for that it is a very nice resto.
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