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Blinker and brake light problem (new video)

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Good tip miles!  I would recommend dielectric grease just to be on the safe side.  I did bend the contact, I think I mentioned that in the video.  I find it hard to video while I'm doing stuff.  I might have to switch cameras so I can use a tripod and film while I'm doing something (like bending contacts and such).  Again, good tip with the grease. Thanks.

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Good video.  Most how-to videos aren't.


I keep two or three repaired combo switches around for quick change out when my lights start acting up.


Use a white towel as a work surface. The small parts show up easy when dropped on the white towel and they don't go bouncing into the Land  of the Lost.

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Droping little irreplacable part is my specialty.  the more I know how rare the part is the easier I will drop it and loose it.  The towel is a great tip... I'll use that in the future.  I'm glad you enjoyed my video... I'll be making many many more... unfortunatley.

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