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Rebuilding a Millenia Twin Screw


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So I've been told these units are not rebuildable, that only PSE superchargers can do the job and even then not all that reliably. I have one that is literally dripping oil out of it, which is the failure mode these exhibit most often. They still make boost fine, the bearings are in good shape...but they blow oil vapor into the engine and the engine smokes badly. They are oiled via a pressure tap between the heads on the V6; and return oil via a gravity drain.


I bought mine for 50$, I'll give it a shot. The bearings seem to be readily available...it's the seals that aren't. I think I can machine the housings for proper teflon lip seals instead of the carbon/graphite seals that are in place now.


Once I figure out how to disassemble the dang thing! I managed to unbolt the rear case extension, front pulley, and the front case this evening. I'll need to borrow an impact wrench to remove the two 17mm bolts on the front of the shafts; they are ground similar to how a turbocharger turbine nut is ground to balance them. They will have to go back in the same place they came from, so I'll bag them. I have NO reference for torque; I'll have to make an estimate and hope it's correct.


Once the front case was removed, I discovered that these units have a 4:1 step-up ratio from the input drive to the actual supercharger. That's cool, because it means that the input pulley is effectively 1" in diameter, but has the belt area of an 8-rib 4" pulley. Also, a smaller crank pulley is needed to produce the same boost as with some other superchargers, which is great since this pulley is unique to this unit and other sizes would be difficult to fit.

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