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1979 Datsun 810 Wagon

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Thanks guys, my plans are to put the lowering blocks back on the rear to even the height of the front, coilovers for the front, touch up a few imperfections, clean up the engine bay, and find a nice air dam that will fit, she is pretty straight and immaculate runs real good. I also want to find a 2400 ohc valve cover and polish it up and do coil packs, fuel rail, itb's, header & exhaust thinking twice pipes or blasterpipe. Kinda want to keep her mostly stock or keep the same engine maybe future idea will pop up.

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You make me want to buy this:




I'd rather have a 70's one though

That's one of the cleanest 2nd gen 510 I've seen in a while I'm not the biggest fan of those but done right they look very nice. I'm a early 510 fan the 68-72 510's or 610 for that matter. If you look around Craigslist there's a few 810 wagons in NY area, one in south Dakota and a 810 coupe in las cruces Texas area.


If you want something with more guts than a 810 is a great car, can't go wrong with the L24E's but hard to find clean I love the power on mine though.

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