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Where can I get longer bolts for front disk rotor to hub?

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I Slivermine brake spacer for slotted rotor with Toyota 4x4 conversion.

Also I got Quest Studs.

Part number at napa was 6412785 for 83-89 Nissan Quest Rear Studs.



Now I need longer bolts to connect rotor and hub since I put spacer.

Does anyone know where can I get that?


Longer version of Part #23










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And you don't really need Quest rear studs - the rear studs on every early Z are the about the same length as the Quest - I used rears for the front too... 


We have a really well stocked - been here since the stone age - Ace Hardware near here that carries a huge variety of bolts & nuts.  We found longer bolts for the rotors there.  Or any good bolt and nut supplier.  I can't remember the thread and pitch, but you have the orginal bolt, and the spacer adds about 3/8", right?...

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Thanks for the information.

I will check out local ACE and OSH.


I heard rear s30 stud is 40mm where Quest stud is 45mm.


Anyway, removing stud from rear extremely painful (I need to remove rear hub too.) and I already got Quest Studs.


Yes, you are right.

The thickness of the rotor hub is 3/8" for 280z.  I exchange my 240z version spacers with member in this forum since I sold my 240z and got 280z.


280z = .375" = 3/8" (280z hubs only)
240z = .5" = 1/2" (240z hubs only)





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