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4.6 DOHC SVT in a 240z. Here we go.....

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Well I've read the posting by by the other members on their 4.6 dohc builds and am ready to start.  My body shop needed cut me a deal to leave the chassis with them this winter to be a "rainy" day project.  After nine months it's back.  Since the car is painted before the build I'll be stripping all the sheet metal off agin and storing it while we work on putting the engine and systems in place.  Then touch up to paint and finish the car.


My order of work will be suspension, electric, then the motor goes in and we work on interior.  Thanks to stock4now for a rust free chassis he sold me for this project.


The pictures are the chassis back from paint and the engine/tranny from the 2001 cobra.



One thing about this build that will be different.  I've going to try and swap in a cobra dash and pedal set.  If I can figure that out, everything gets easier.  Engine, tranny, A/C all of it.  Since there is nothing in the car now why not...



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Cool...Let me know if you have any more questions. I am also building a VK45 setup...Have the parts now. It will be a cruiser.


PS Nice choice on paint...My first choice was the Viper Blue w/ White stripes but the painter ran off with the parts and paint. I will be going mild Porsche metallic silver.  

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Not abandoned just took a new lob out of town so I get about a day at home each week.  Usually cutting grass and finishing a couple of the rifle and pistol builds I had going and already had the stuff for.  Sadly I think I have everything for the car.  One thing I have done is acquire the dash, gages, A/c and pedals from a 2001 cobra to go with the motor.  I'm not sure how all that goes into the car but it should make the electronics a hell of a lot easier.


 I should be in a position to get some work done in another couple of months.  I hate just peeking under the cover with it sitting on the lift in the shop..


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Wow!  Cool to see it's still on!  One gauge idea is to use 'separable' (non overlapping) Ford gauges.  It helps if the Odometer and Trip are on the same gauge face too.  Lincolns, Tbirds etc are good candidates. I actually have an extra set I think from a '93 Mark VIII, so PM me when you get to gauges if you're interested.  There's more details further on in my build post on getting them to fit, but they look pretty good (sorta stock) IMO.




Anecdotally, I don't remember which engine I was running when you started your swap, but I'm running the DOHC now too.  Good choice over the SOHC.  It pulls hard into the rev limiter now.  Honestly with the '96 SOHC I had I didn't know the ECU even had a rev limiter!

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