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RB25 Sinco Customs Manifold.

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If any of you are in the market of buying a Turbo manifold. Get a hold of Mike with Sinco Customs, down in NZ. Not many pictures nor write-ups on the Sinco manifolds, but a heap load of 6boost. So I took a few pictures to demonstrate the quality of it.


Nothing against 6boost, but I just decided to jump the gun with these guys and voila.


There are guys in NZ pro drift running these, so that kind of gave me a little piece of mind.



Go to their site:http://sincocustoms.co.nz   


Talk to Mike very helpful, however keep in mind time-zones. It is hard to keep contact but tell him what you need from the beginning and it will ease the process. 



Also the USD is "somewhat strong right now"... just saying.










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It was made by a member here on HZ. l forgot who so Iwill have to search for his name in my dim brain, and PM it to you... :)




This thread shows why we don't let members freely delete their older posts. The OP went and wiped all his posts...  http://forums.hybridz.org/topic/80461-hybrid-industries-oil-catchcans/page-4


Try PM-ing 240zdan.  He's a good guy and can prolly point you in the right direction.

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