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  1. Rb to 350z gearbox ? I've only seen and found this adaptor plate as mentioned above, nothing else n certainly not a kit ?
  2. Well well I didn't realise those RB adaptor plates existed Got me thinkin now lol But how close does a 350z box fit inside the Z tunnel mind?
  3. You sure the sump isn't touching the crossmember or gearbox rubbing on the ears or the strengthening brace of the tunnel? Or even the exhaust downpipe rubbing for that matter ? Damaged crank pulley maybe ?
  4. This might help. RB25- 26 much the same when it comes to relocating the dip stick ... http://myweb.westnet.com.au/mikeval/PDF/Part3EngineDismantle.pdf
  5. Use a std Nissan flat pickup gasket, part no' 15053 - 1E400
  6. Will be fine unless the engine is knackered, in which case you already have a problem lol
  7. For what its worth the McKinney mounts do "place" the motor spot on Am finishing fitting an RB30 to mine and I couldn't have asked for a better fit - engine n box wise Previously used an RB25 but the 30 seems to fit even better which sounds odd lol
  8. Via the air intake to the turbo or just vent to a separate oil catch can mounted neatly somewhere on the inner wing
  9. For use with a RB25DET with side feed injectors ... (am not using top feed) Has anyone managed to fit a Circuit Sports fuel rail to a Greddy type plenum in their Z ? From what I've read they aren't a straight fit or don't fit. But does that mean with mods they clear and can fit or not ? Be interested to hear from anyone who has fitted one and how ta
  10. The McKinney mounts are ok but imo the rubber/silicone mount parts they supplied with them are pants Fell apart with not much use and looking how they are made is not too clever.
  11. Think that's a common isolator to many Nissan injectors of the same period SR20 engines i'm sure also share it as does many more Do a search on Nissan 16603F, is the part no but check 1st ! Try this ...16635-53J00
  12. Ok cheers bud, will have to have a look about to see what types are available
  13. Anyone running an RB30DET with a top mount turbo setup in their Z ? (using a GT35 in my case) Interested to know how you got on clearance wise with exhaust manifold/turbo As the block is taller did you have to mod the exhaust manifold or is there an off the shelf manifold that lowers the turbo to clear the bonnet ok ? Don't want to get into jacking the bonnet up or modding it to clear Maybe worrying about nothing but the turbo is already close as it is with it's RB25 & top mount fitted
  14. Few pics Using McKinney mounts (RB25) but think they're the same as RB26 anyway For others that might need to know prop length shown is with a GTST box and GTST diff flange As it goes I think the std Z diff flange has the same depth anyway, so measurements should stay about the same Would deffo advise you check your own measurements before you weld anything mind Have fun
  15. As said, does that clear the inner wing ok with the wastegate trunk positioned there ? Does look a nice bit of kit mind
  16. Keep up the good work as the results are well worth it
  17. What they said. I wouldn't mind a few freebie Z cars like that over here !
  18. Simple, order the mounts and bits n bobs whilst you are at work Come home 2 weeks later and fit them ..... and so on Besides, with a garage that size you got no excuse and plenty of room to hide from the mrs lol
  19. That's spot on. Many thanks peeps ! Cheers for posting those pics as helps a lot
  20. bttt, just remembered this Yes it's a job I've still yet to finish Have now seen pics of what the kick panel looks like, but what holds the ecu in place? Does it bolt direct to the bodywork or is there a "carrier bracket" in between ?
  21. +1 imo Something's got in there ... like your turbo blades you mention !
  22. I recently fitted a twin plate clutch n lightened flywheel kit to mine (RB25) and tbh I don't like it Makes the gearbox sound very noisy and (sometimes) stalls the engine easier Race car sure but road car no ... imo
  23. If it's a uk car that's about as close as it gets over here !
  24. What he said Engine n box drops straight in but you need to have a prop made, or again buy from above
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