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  1. I bypassed the heater core and plugged up all the connections. Currently just have a bolt and hose to cap off the end of the water inlet. I'm looking for a threaded inlet, so I can insert a proper plug. Anyone have one,or have any leads to where I can find one? Thanks!
  2. Looks great! And for a VERY decent price.
  3. http://www.mizuno-works.com/parts/index.html The front is integrated with their g nose. I like the look of the rear flare, but can't say I'm a fan of the front. I don't know of anyone state-side that imports this kit. Try looking at some JDM importers online, I now RHD Japan can sometimes get other items if you email them. They are the ones that sell the Marugen Shoukai kit.
  4. Those look like Mizuno Works flares. You can also look for Marugen Shoukai, they offer a wider flare for the rear.
  5. Nice work! I wonder what other parts they're talking about.
  6. I think he meant they WERE never meant to be reused. Not WE.
  7. Will send funds for raffle. Let us know!
  8. I'd like to see a twinscroll manifold, with a no wastegate options. To complement a TS EFR.
  9. I've heard of Sinco. Looking foward to installed pics on the Z. Any concerns with fitment?
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