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From N/A S130 to Turbo Drift Missile


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The day started with people just stopping by to chat and decided the engine bay needed cleaning. I didn't ask for it nor did I care, so on with the cleaning they went.





While they did that, I worked on removing more unneeded equipment. No more dashboard.




Lets do this.





So close, yet so far. The engine needs to move another half an inch and mesh up with the transmission to make this task complete, but I'm tired. Until tomorrow.



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The engine is in! I had a dream last night that the engine would just mesh up the next morning without a hitch and sure enough, it did. Weird.




Got a lot of bits installed. Good news: The lights are working and the fuel pump is working as well as the FPR which is reading at a solid 3 BAR.




I stared working on the panel for switches, fuses, and relays. Will tomorrow be the day it starts? I hope so; there's a drift event next weekend. A video update will happen tomorrow.



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Today was quite interesting. I fabricated an exhaust system with scrap pipe and started wiring the the harness. I then just hit a brick wall in regards to exhaustion and just decided to call it a day, have a beer and enjoy the rest of the afternoon. Watson has a real rat rod look now! Or just a ghetto look...





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I have been busting my brain-balls trying to get this ignition thing sorted out. Many solutions have been tried and I ended up frying a CDI module and I think I broke the optical trigger. So I built a new one.




After testing many different setups with mixed results, it was time to call it a night. I'm exhausted. Until tomorrow...



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So close! So very close! I figured out a solution for the optical sensor and I've now got fuel and spark.




I got even closer than this video but I need to hash out my enrichment table and uhhh get a new starter. Shit.


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There have been many late nights of tuning and trying different setups only to still not have it start. I've ordered a replacement XR700 optical sensor as I suspect my frankenstein sensor may not be up to the task of automotive use. It should be here tomorrow. Fingers crossed.





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Thank you!


Its running. Its moving. Got a basic tune done to at least take Watson around the block. Huge thanks to my buddy Zach for helping out with the build. It took just over a month to make this all happen and now its all about tuning to get it to run great. Stay tuned to witness the true power of Watson the Datsun!!!! tongue.png


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The issue turned out to be a far too low value on deceleration enrichment. Interesting. Anyway, I change the value from 5% to 100% and bam! No more cut outs or lean outs.


Got a little bit of tuning done today. Watson is running great! I had to give it just a little gas to hear the turbo spool up. As it turns out, blow off sounds are quite rewarding. tongue.png

On the way home the fuel pump decided to it was time to start dying. I just happen to have a Walbro 255lph fuel pump laying around. That will go on tomorrow.



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