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From N/A S130 to Turbo Drift Missile


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This thread may be a little dead but I've still been working on Watson. I actually have my first event coming up on the 19th and I've almost got everything sorted out. Here's a small shake down run. Just a couple more parts and we should be solid. Oh, I should also note that I did end up replacing the entire fuel system. Rust in the tank and lines is not conducive to a healthy engine.








Shake down run.


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It didn't. I couldn't solve the timing issue in time.... So I installed a CAS today because the optical trigger decided to walk around and screw everything up. Now I have rock solid timing and I can finally take it to redline! It goes real fast. Time to get it on a dyno for proper top end tuning.


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A buddy of mine and I decided to do some random what-nots to the Datsun. We made this. A wooden dash and a fender exist of the exhaust. Pics of the final exhaust setup once the stainless steel plate is on to take up the slack cut-out area. Video tomorrow of the sound. I can't wait to start it up!





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