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My 280Z "Rustoration"

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HOLY CRAP! Those door panels turned out great!!!!!! 

Thanks, the chrome vinyl has held up good so far. Its been a few weeks


A little progress today. I received my custom plug wires, heat shield, manifold stud kit, and new valve cover bolts from Datsun Spirit today. I also installed my new 3 row aluminum radiator






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I got a new windshield and my rear hatch glass installed yesterday. I opted to have the professionals come out and do this job. Im glad I did because they did an amazing job. I used the Precision seals that I got with my weatherstrip kit and they thought they worked great. No gaps or anything. Still trying to decide to reinstall the metal trim.....













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Do you have a list or excel file of the bolt sizes and hardware you purchased, and what parts they are for?

Thanks for the kind words!


I am in the process of making a list of all the hardware I bought. I ordered more than I needed so I just need to figure out what I didnt use. I will let you know.


Hey Matt, been following your build for awhile... amazing work.

Did you ever make a list of all the hardware you purchased? Would love to see that. Thanks :D

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Received my BC coilovers. I went with 4kg rate in rear and 5kg in front. Should be a nice smooth ride.






Very nice!

I just finished installing the fronts, now gotta do the rears.


Your build is definitely inspiring ... mind I ask what your budget on this build is? or if you've surpassed that? :lol:

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