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In this video Leno explained the bezels in the hood for this car were originally vents until the marketing people got a hold of it. Seems the Stingray had a nasty habit of getting light in the nose around 100 mph. (Sound familiar?)


The hood vents were designed to spill high pressure under the car. Has this been tried on our Zs? To what success?

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Well maintained z cars don't get light at 100mph. 


I bought my '71 new off the showroom floor.  Trust me, it got light well under 100mph from day one until I added a front BRE spoiler.  Worst case was driving through Kansas on a four lane and being lifted and pushed over completely into the adjacent lane.


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Well maintained z cars don't get light at 100mph. Worn out tie rods and narrow, high aspect ratio tires get light at 100mph on any car.

 Worn out tie rods dont give you hundreds of pounds of lift on the front end alone.  Stock, these vehicles are literally losing around 10% of their weight off their wheels at at these speeds. Most of it over the front wheels. Being well maintained has little to do with it.

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