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Subaru R180 Diff help **


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Hey guys , looking to swap my diff to the Subaru R180 3.9 , I currently have one available to purchase but Im not sure if its the right year and model .


I know the diff should off a US 04-05 STI , but the diff I am getting is off a 02 JDM STI 3.9 , I'm just trying to ensure this diff is not a Viscous LSD and IS a Clutch type or Torsen  . Or if there are specific number stamps on the ring gear I should be looking for ?


I cant really tell the difference hence why I am seeking your knowledge on this . There are a few pictures attached , not sure if this helps . Any help is greatly appreciated , thanks . 







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thanks a lot for this really helped , seems like the first diff I posted here which is kinda hard to tell from the photos is a clutch type lsd , looking through the hole shows the clutch packs , going through the first link you posted even the cover compared to the CLSD cover in the link  looks the same . The viscous type looks much different as well as the cover . But John did say it was a viscous , not sure where im going wrong here . 

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Mine is now a dedicated track car, I have a 3.9 WRX STI CLSD ready to drop in but I'm wondering if it is better to use the Subie diff or weld the open diff?  I have never driven a car with a welded diff but more than one guy has said that on a track car a welded diff is preferable.  So welded vs CLSD?

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