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  1. Looking for hood latch cable in good condition thanks .
  2. Got a set , mods please delete this thanks
  3. Looking for set of new or refurbished rocker arms . Thanks
  4. Wanted adjustable cam gear , thanks .
  5. Hi I am Looking for a 240z hood latch as shown in photo , mine is broken. Thanks
  6. Hey if anyone has a parts Z with uncut rear quarters , I am looking for a pair . Thanks
  7. Anyone have a datsun comp steering wheel they are willing to sell ?
  8. Looking for a pair of tokico illuminas BZ3015 PN , thanks.
  9. Looking for a rear disc brake setup for 72 240z with rotors (4hole) if they are in decent shape , for use with the e-brake and 15inch wheels . Thanks!
  10. Looking for gnose headlight covers with the metal housing . Not interested in just the plastic cover . Thanks.
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