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Lost oil pressure on new motor

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Stop dropping parts when you're putting your engine back together?


That was actually a pretty good catch back in Post #8 then.  There have been posts about pinning the gear on the shaft, I believe.  I think that Tony D has posted on it, if you want to search.  Or he might be back with the fix.

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That must have overheated bigtime for that gear to drop like that! I can't remember the thrust direction but I thought it was 'up' it appears to be 'down' and that was what moved the gear, allowing axial movement towards distributor end and disengagement of the oil pump drive tang.


Should have been evident upon installation...but without a dizzy up there to reference...hard to say.


JeffP put a hardened 3mm pin in his gear when it spun. Staked the pin after installation. Too pin and after chilling it in dry ice / alcohol bath, and heating the oil pump drive spindle in hot oil bath it was tapped in with an interference fit, it was not slip-in for sure. 


Likely that's overkill, and a simple double roll pin will be more than enough.

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