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Hey Z fans,
Anybody giving up on the L and trading up to an RB or a V8?  I am looking to buy a 3.0 or 3.1 stroker engine.  Yes I know that the performance isn't that much better than a built L28, but after driving a 3.1 (the sale fell through), I don't want to settle for less.  At any rate, I want to get a streetable engine that can be run on 91 octane without too rough an idle.  The local stroker was being offered for just $900, but I won't be that optimistic and could pay a bit more.  Still, I can't afford something like the second-hand Rebello that was being offered last week (nor am I looking for 13:1 compression or making real power only between 5000-8000).  All I want is a decently built stroker for a daily driver, I hope that somebody out there has one :) let me know what you've got, and what you would be willing to let it go for!

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Thanks 240z72.  Yeah, and for the record, I have my T5 (and the driveshaft to make it work), and my subie Torsen R180 ready to go, and am happy with my current tripple Mikuni 44s.  I wouldn't say no though to a distributor, lightened flywheel and/or 1 row balancer tossed into any deal.  I want to wrap this up ASAP as the paint guy is getting tired of my car waiting for the driveline before he puts it in primer :)

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