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280z fuel cutting out

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Hi im new to this forum but just the other day I got my first 280z. When I bought the car I knew it would be a project but I thought mechanically there was nothing wrong the previous owner swapped a new l28e and a new 5speed with 50k on both. With that being said I was doing a speed run the other day and after taking my z to 100 the power curve seemed shaky like after 80mph I would get bursts of highter power and then a lull of power. Now the problem hasgotten much worse, when I get upto 4000rpm it feels like the car is fuel cutting and randomly while I drive I just get what feels like complete fuel starvation. I think it might be either the afm or the tps but I was wonderin if anybody else has had this problem.


There are new wires and plugs, new fuel filter, and injectors, and from what I can tell decent fuel pressure. I also started the car and it seemed like one of the cylenders want firing... maybe somethin to do with ignition timing?


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