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Fitting issues with 15x9 15x10 -28 offset?

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ive done a search and am still looking for more info, soooo many threads.

i'm looking at the 15x9 front and 15x10 rear, both -28 offset.

can some one chime in and help me figure out what needs to be done to my 240 that sits on eibachs currently(lowered about 1.2").

will i need just the regular flares, or wide body with this offset, and what else can i expect to have to change? in a dream world it would be great if i could fit without flares, but im thinking these are gonna stick out ugly.

im thinking with this offset, i should be ok with the current springs, no need for coilovers.

just dont want to buy these rims and have bigger issues than i plan on.

thanks for any help and guidance.


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Nobody can tell you without knowing what tire sizes and additional suspension work you are wanting/willing to do.

I have 17x10 -20 on all four corners with 255/40r17. They are big.

If you run wide tires, you need wide flares. If you stretch tires, then the zg flares could work.


What suspension setup are you running on this beastly shoed machine?

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@Incognitjo - Not done with it yet, but the coilovers are made by Feal Suspension, camber plates in the front. I plan to use T3 arms all the way around to get some adjustment and freshen up the parts.


Right on, Good to know. I am moving slowly through my Z getting everything right. Bigger tire n such are a long term goal as I am toying with the idea of putting a 383 in it. Thanks for the info, I never saw an update so today is literally the first I had seen of your reply... :D

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I don't know if I'm too late but I am currently running 15x10 -44 all around with the Wide ZG flares sold by silver mine motorsports (Quality was much less than I expected, hoping to get a replacement flare once I get the brakes fixed.. anyways)  I put on 225/50r15s and the stretch isn't honestly too bad.  Much less than I was expecting.  There is less than a fingers gap between all flares yet it can go lock to lock.  Only has the cheap emusa coil over conversion done.  Needs some control arms to adjust camber a little and an alignment but so far they fit great 

File Aug 03, 2 29 58 AM

File Aug 03

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