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New to this site need help with build

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I'm new to this site, so I honestly don't know if I'm doing this right. Lol but anywho I'm planning on buying a 280z here in the near future, and I have big plans for it, I have for a 499 big block Mopar that i would absolutely love to have in it, although, not to sure if it would fit. I have a lot of friends to help and virtually anything I'll need. I already plan on taking a long time on this build, but I would like it done so I can enjoy it! I'm sure just like anyone else on here. So would it work? I have done a lot of Reaser so far and haven't come up with much, I plan on having problems with the headers, but outside of that will it even fit? ANY help would be apreciated!!!

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I would head over to the FAQ section and read everything. Really, it is immensely helpful. 


Will it fit? The real question is are you committed to making it fit? Do you have the fab skills or ability to farm it out? I think its awesome that you are doing something different. Just be aware that different means figuring things out for yourself, which is not always pretty, at least in my experience. 


Good luck, keep us posted on the progress. 

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