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Turbo blow through su's

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Hey question for you guys that might have better searching skills Than me...


Can you do a blowthrough turbo setup on su's?


I know if you use mg Metro carbs you can push a supercharger through them, however I'm looking for a more discreet power boost...


I was thinking maybe welding up the factory air cleaner box and plumina the turbo through the front?


Any thoughts?

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If you seal it well enough, I'd imagine it will hold boost if that's what you're asking.


What's the goal of the project? From some of the comments in your initial post, it kind of sounds like you're trying to build a sleeper, but maybe you're just looking to add a turbo to your otherwise stock setup to keep costs low? Just curious, and I think it affects the suggestions you may get. This thread I thought was interesting along the lines of keeping an SU look but going TBI: http://forums.hybridz.org/topic/85654-su-fuel-injection-manifold-conversion/

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Wet blanket 😕 ...


I don’t recommend it. Based on many posts from the early 2000’s, most folks got frustrated and went with FI ultimately. Getting A/F ratio right on a turbo setup is by far the most important aspect of tuning Due to the risk of detonation. SU’s are a constant-velocity carb that forces intake restriction to achieve this goal. Those that were marginally successful swapped out to a supercharger-ready down-draft carb but were still plagued with tuning issues. 

this was popular way back in the 70’s-80’s before tunable FI systems became ubiquitous. 



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