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I'm wanting to do a wheel/tire combo upgrade on my 1972 240z for the car shows. My 240z has the early 1970s hot rodder look and my goal it so but some of the steel "nascar" looking wheels and put slicks on them. I'm shooting for the GT40 or Cobra look that was prevalent in the early 70s.

Locally, I have found a set of used 27/10/15 Hoosier slicks (item # 10610 https://www.hoosiertire.com/pdfs/speccat.pdf).  I was wondering if these would fit under the 240. Like I said before these would be for show only so as far as driving around I would put my current wheels back on the car. I'm really just needing to know if these are going to rub going on and off of a car trailer and driving around the show until I get to my spot.

I have done a coil over conversion, and unfortunately I did keep my perches intact. Dunno if this is going to effect the wheel/tire though as it seems they will sit lower than the tire sidewall itself.


I have done some reading and I see where some (circle track guys) have mounted their 10" tires on 8" wheels. Do you think this would be a better option for my setup?


Here were the wheels I was looking at:



Looks like the only bolt pattern they have left is 4x100 though so I may be out of luck by going with them. I have checked out the Diamond Star wheels before, and they are looking like the ones I'm going to have to go with.


Hoping someone here can help me.






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If you decide to go with Hoosiers, I'd try buying used before springing for new tires.  You'll save yourself a bundle, and you can try your fitment without spending a bunch of money on something that may not work in the long term for your application.  I've bought from this guy many times, and have never been disappointed:



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Well after doing some more searching I found some vintage Goodyear Bias ply tires for free. The tire size is G70-15.


Now after doing the conversion this comes to 215-75-15 or a 225-70-15 in modern size. In turn I'm currently running 235-60R-14 on the tires I use currently.


Is this new tire still going to be too tall?

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