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RB25DE with ITB's

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I have run an RB25DE with ITBs. It was the R32 version due to its lack of variable cam timing. This made the RB26 head bolt on. I ran the same Megasquirt that's on my L28ET in ITB fueling mode. Look up my YouTube channel under the same name and watch the vids. This engine is about to go into my 240z after I return from Christmas Vacation. Fun Fact: it was the second engine ever to be run on the RB setting in Megasquirt, first was my Skyline. I worked with James Murray to get the settings correct back in 2012.

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The RB26 head doesn't bolt too well to the more popular R33 version RB25DE due to the front oil passage for the variable cam. It changes the shape of the front coolant passage. It kinda has to be RTV'd to get it to seal properly. I used the early version because the top of the block is identical to the RB26. Good luck finding one of those here in the US though. I bought mine while station in Japan. Using the RB26 head does make some minor concerns with the header due to its different flange pattern. There are examples of modifying the stock RB25 intake for ITB if you know a good aluminum welder.

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