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Which OS Giken LSD for 260z R200 longnose


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i have been reading through the forums and FAQ regarding CLSD types and wish to purchase a OS Giken unit but i am having trouble working out which one...


Is the NS046-HA simply a straight bolt in apart from the bushes to go from 10mm to 12mm bolt holes for a 1976 260z? As this is what appears to be suggested in the threads i have read.


The Distributor here in Aus suggested that the unit i need is the same as the  SR20DET S13, which is part number NS044-HA according to the OS Giken website and that there were more than just minor modifications required to make it all work. As far as i know they don't stock the NS046-HA so its likely that i will have to order from overseas.


Appreciate any feedback,


Regards David


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I just bought a new -used, 3.9 R200 OS-Giken filled diff off of the local Craigslist that the previous owner had a quality company professionally install. I have his receipt and it is the NS046-HA unit set up as a 1.5 way.





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