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  1. I have seen that James with his "Medusa 240z" is using KW suspension through Zcargarage.com, but I don't think they are these with the lift option.
  2. Nicely done there. I have that Greddy front bumper as well and will most likely follow as you did on filling in the back.
  3. You may want to expand your search to Japanese e-bay, used markets and with some luck find a set. Good luck with the search and they are definitely worth it.
  4. I bought Volk TE37 V "17 through ACG automotive in San Diego with good results, but they took forever to ship and that was before the covid BS....
  5. That car is amazing! There is a member here that has gone this route as well (Built.by.rich) on IG and I believe he is up in Ventura area.
  6. I have been on and off with this 240z project since late '05/'06 and still in Fred Flintstone mode. Never giving up though like HybridZ.....
  7. I ended up going a completely different route and purchased the "YZ" rear quarter panels from Ztrix where I originally got the "Subtle Z" kit from. I am planning on running a 315" rear tire and the "YZ" quarter will accommodate a 12" wheel. I was persuaded into having the rears made from metal by my body/paint guy and that is currently in motion. I still have the new MSA rear "zg" flares in my parts collection in bubble wrap.
  8. Michael I just got back to you and sorry for the delayed response once again. The wheels and tires have been sold to another member and are in their new home in Northern California..... Admins please close this for sale thread and thanks.....
  9. Well done and love the car! I wish I could have made it out to that show.
  10. Okay now I see what your going after. I have come up with a fender vent option for my build that I'm still on the fence about. I had bought a set of used FD3s RX7 fender vents and had them blended into the front Ztrix fiberglass subtle Z fenders. Still trying to get visually used to them, but ultimately want to vent hot under hood air as much as possible.
  11. I'm not following this. Is the intent to create a fender vent?
  12. I still have these for sale and will slightly lower the price to $2300. If anyone is considering zg flares or a wide body, these would fill the space nicely with style.
  13. Maybe this company can help as they sell Haltech and make custom harnesses. https://www.wiringspecialties.com/datsun-rb25det-parts/#
  14. Reread and deleted my initial response. Looks good with what you have done.
  15. Yes indeed, they are still up for sale.
  16. I agree and will say it again: I am always eager to see what new progress you have made.
  17. Ztrix.com also known as Reaction Research has both the "YZ" and "IMSA" kit that will accommodate 12" wheels.
  18. Sadly the time has come for me to part ways with my much loved Volk TE37 V wheels that are new, unused and never mounted to the car. I have decided to go with a wider 2/3 piece wheel so these Forged wheels are up for sale. They are 17" x 9" -10, and 17" x 10" -20 and a 5 x 114.3 pcd in a gunmetal finish with polished lips. I purchased the TE37 SL red stickers only to find out they would not fit the spokes due to the (V ) stepped lip, so I had a local company replicate and resize them to fit the (V) wheels. These will be included as well as all the original stickers that came with the wheels. I had a new set of Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 in 265/40/ZR 17" mounted to the rear, but had them removed for this sale. I am also selling that set of tires separate (half priced at $325). They are new and never turned a mile. I have everything (boxes, lip covers , tags just as they came from the factory. New these wheels and stickers were over $3k and took almost 7 months to ship. I am asking a firm $2500 on these Mint wheels. I am located in East county of San Diego 91941.
  19. W Way back along time ago when the car was at Time Machine Racecraft in Oceanside, I had Tho remove the old stock rails and put in new rails/floors and a custom flat bar to work with the Evo 9 Recaro seats that I have. I am also short (5'8") and have metal spacers to raise the seats as needed. I still need to make a last round trip up to Tho to finish the rear stitch welding, cut out the spare tire well for a Radium Engineering fuel cell/FCST and a rear battery install whenever I can afford all that.
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