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Anyone ever seen this wide body kit?


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Came across a datsun 240Z racing car for sale in Europe and it looks like it had a tough life and could use some TLC.


The car itself has a wide body kit that looks like a old design of some sort. Could be a old "Bergrennen" "hill climbing" car but was wondering if anyone have ever seen this before?


Car got a 6-cilinder M5 engine under the hood from a early E28 BMW. The more I look at the car, the more it starts to "grow" on me and maybe with a new paint job and some other bits and pieces, it just could be a fun car...


What do you think about this bodykit?




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This post is almost a year old , Gravediggers.


Ok ill play yes it is obviously a s30 however the front air dam spoiler is a 280zx you could even seen how its squeezed a bit more on the side.


I personally dont like the look but I know exactly what you mean when you said " The more I look at the car, the more it starts to "grow" on me " I am the same way. Hence my name softop my 240z has a vinyl soft top some people dont like it. It definitely grew on me and its a thing I started not just to like but love on the car. Sad thing is I just took it off to do paint job.







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