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1975 280z A/C Squealing

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Hi, my '75 280z makes a horrible squealing sound whenever you engage the A/C. If you set the climate control to vent or any other setting the noise doesn't happen, only when its on A/C with the fan on. I heard it could be the belt so I sprayed a generous amount of water on the pulleys and belt and the sound persisted. The noise gets louder and changes pitch when I press on the gas. If I get out and look at the belt when the A/C is engaged I can see the belt slow down/catch on something. I've driven it with the A/C on for a few minutes to see if it would ever stop but it hasn't.


At this point I'm kinda lost as to what it could be and what I should do about it. I'd love if you guys could give me some advice.

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First off, this would be more suited to the trouble shooting section.


Second, spraying water on the belt to prevent squealing is an absolute first for me. 


From what you are saying it sounds like your belt is slipping. 


Belt is worn or you need to adjust your belt. 


If that fails then your AC compressor has a worn or seized bearing/clutch and is putting enough load to make the belt slip. Alternatively it could also be a seized water pump and the extra load the AC compressor applies to the belt is causing it to slip.

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