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Where did you mount your aftermarket fuse block?

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And did you run into any issues after the fact? I have a torn apart 240 and I'm trying to minimize any negative impact down the road. As in ... "oh crap I forgot that interior plastic panel went over that" or something like that. Sorry if this has been covered before ...

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I placed mine between the battery and the heater hoses on the firewall.




I have another just like it that I intend to mount up in the passenger side kick panel below the glove box (where the relays are/use to be). Though I've been lazy and have left it lying on the floor (Yes, it's wired. Just not securely mounted anywhere. Yes that's probably dangerous. Nothing to see there.). It's all still a bit messy, but when it runs as good as it does, I'd rather drive it than work on it.  :D




Guess you'd like to know if I've had issues. None to report. Pretty happy with the location. Nice and convenient/easy to access. Had to use some standoffs when mounting it over the ridge in the firewall.

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If you are using an aluminum dash, I personally like having easy access to it on either the transmission tunnel, or higher up behind the dash, centered, attached to the back of the wiper motor/linkage area. Mine is bolted through the linkage area, so that the interior is cleaner, but still have easy access to it just by looking underneath the dash. 


Assuming you are using an original dash, I like having them on the drivers side kick panel area, that way I dont have to lean across to the passenger side to replace fuses.  :P

Center console area maybe? 


I dont have a picture of my aluminum dash setup currently, but I am happy to take one and figure out how to post it on here, if there is interest. 

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